The Aftermath – What now for the GOP?

The discussions, recriminations and excuses have already begun to flow within the Republican Party following what ended up being a surprisingly comfortable election victory for Barack Obama on Tuesday night. What happened, how it happened and who is to blame will all be discussed to death as the news channels scrabble around to find things to fill airtime now that they don’t have an election to cover. But, so far, they seem to be missing a key point.
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Do You Know the Stakes?

Tomorrow is Election Day. You can’t have missed that fact.  And tomorrow is a day of the utmost importance.

I’m a Conservative. I always have been and I always will be. I’m pretty proud of that. But I’m not a Republican.

Tomorrow doesn’t give us a choice between Left and Right, between Democrats and Republicans or even Liberals and Conservatives. Tomorrow gives us a choice between moderates and extremists. That’s how polarized American politics has become. Continue reading

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The Microwave Society

Over the past twenty years the attitudes that society displays towards numerous major issues have changed considerably. The fight against racism has made huge leaps forward, the idea of a female President of the US is no longer quite as big a fantasy as it was, and we have finally witnessed concerted efforts to obtain equal rights for the gay & lesbian community (some US states aside). But it has not all been steps in the right direction. Continue reading

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The New Yorker Cartoon: Stand Your Ground

I loved this cartoon from The New Yorker, sums up the attitude of some people just perfectly.

Big thanks to the ExViennaGirl Blog for forwarding this on – a great find!

See also: The 2nd Amendment – It’s Just Like Smoking

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Trayvon Martin: Wasn’t His Death Bad Enough?

Racism is alive and well in America. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You’ll hear politicians like Herman Cain tell you it’s not an issue and commentators like Ann Coulter tell you it’s in that past – they’re wrong. It takes a considerable amount of looking-the-other-way not to notice the continued race issues across the country. Yes, the extent to which racism is present and ingrained in culture varies considerably from state to state – but it’s there.  Just because racism is alive and well, however, doesn’t mean that every incident involving people of differing race is rooted in racism – someone needs to tell the media this. Continue reading

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Oh the Horror! Oh the Outrage!….

I can’t be the only person who’s getting tired of all the “outrage” we’re seeing in the media on a near daily basis. Actually, I know I’m not because Bill Maher wrote an Op-Ed in the New York Times on a subject similar to this one just a few weeks back so I thought I’d take up the baton. Continue reading

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The 2nd Amendment – It’s Just Like Smoking

Have you ever heard the sound of someone being killed? Have you ever heard the last sounds another human ever heard? Probably not. Unless you work in the military or the emergency services you’ve probably been spared that experience. But perhaps it’s time that we were less insulated from the grim realities of life. Perhaps then we, as a society, wouldn’t be so quick to enact laws that make it easier to kill and not harder. Perhaps we’d be more cautious about wanting to go to war or about wanting to see someone pay the ultimate price for a crime. Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: A Politician Without a Party

After Mitt Romney’s clean sweep in yesterday’s 3 primaries it looks like the Republican beauty pageant is coming to a close. Despite the apparent reluctance of Rick Santorum to concede and Newt Gingrich’s continued delusion that he still has a role to play (did he ever?) it seems the Republicans are finally settling on a candidate. Barring unforeseen circumstances, it seems inevitable that Mitt Romney will be the man the Republican Party nominates to face President Obama in the November election. Continue reading

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A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing

Education has always been high on any list of parents’ priorities in an election year (or any year for that matter). It’s understandable. Parents want what’s best for their children and they want to give them all the opportunities they can to ensure an easy and comfortable life. Politicians love to talk about education for exactly this reason – it gives them an easy topic with which to connect to a large percentage of the voting population. George W Bush used the No Child Left Behind Act to give himself the air of a “caring conservative” to help him appeal to the more centrist republicans and the swathes of swing voter parents across the nation. Continue reading

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You’re Not Fox News!

This week Republican hopeful Rick Santorum did every Liberal media outlet and every late night TV host a huge favor. He said something stupid. He was giving a speech to supporters in Illinois when he said; “I don’t care what the unemployment rate is going to be, it doesn’t matter to me”. Continue reading

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